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How Does Child Support Affect My Credit?

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Today’s topic addresses child support as it relates to your credit report. If you have court ordered child support and you made your payments as ordered, it does not appear on your credit report in any way. It is not tracked under open accounts and it is not considered as an indicator of “risk” as it is court ordered and not optional. That is an unfortunate reality due to the amount and duration that child supports entails. It would be advantageous to many if it were reported.

Failure to pay child support however is reported on your credit report, not as a derogatory account, but as a public record. When someone gets behind on their child support the court issues a judgment is filed against them. That judgment is reflecting on your credit report and has a negative impact on your credit score.

Collection agencies can be used in some cases to collect past due child support in lieu of or in addition to the judgment issued by the court. In those cases it would appear in the derogatory account section as well. So keeping up with your child support payments is imperative to a successful financial future. If the payments are too high or if your suffer from economic distress, seeking remedy from the court, such as a reduction or deferment would be preferable to any alternatives.

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