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Why Hire a Credit Repair Company?

The latest recession has left many with faults in their credit that could poison their financial futures. Is bad credit affecting your life?

  • Have creditors reduced your spending limits?
  • Have you been denied the ability to rent a vehicle or property?
  • Have your credit or account requests been denied for unclear or mysterious reasons?
  • Are you having trouble getting credit for your business?
  • Are businesses refusing to give you credit accounts?
  • Are customers declining to do business after checking your credit status?
  • Has a potential employer rejected you on grounds of financial instability?
  • Are securities companies declining your security assets?
  • Are banks denying your requests to open accounts?
  • Have Creditors cut your lines of credit?
  • Are Creditors canceling or declining your credit cards?
  • Have banks closed your accounts without consent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, E-Fix Credit can be the solution to your credit problems.

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