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Business credit solutions companies

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Business credit solutions companies​


Are you a business with a bad credit score? Now looking for one of the reputable credit solution companies to repair your bad credit report? If yes, you are at the right destination. E-fixcredit has a wide range of debt recovery services to bring you out of the problem. From repairing simple mistakes to executing complex credit repair tasks till filing a formal dispute with the credit bureaus, we can handle all confidently.  We have years of experience in commercial debt recovery and covered almost all industries.


As one of the leading business credit solutions companies in San Francisco, we are committed to fixing your bad credit scores and helping you enjoy the many business benefits until you become a successful player in your specialized domain. Since the time of inception, our quest has been to get you out of your debts as quickly as possible. To do so, we listen to you carefully, review your credit risk and claim the benefits applicable to you. Sometimes, we offer credit repair training on how to operate and manage various analytics to solve various issues associated with business credit.


Our consultative approach, consolidated service and professional advice helped many commercial clients to grow their businesses significantly. A world-class pool of our experts skilled in end-to-end credit management and debt recovery solutions are always at your service to ensure you satisfactory solutions through proven credit management techniques.


We support our commercial clients in the following ways:


•          Prepare 100% accurate credit reports which are entirely fair and fully substantiated

•          Communicate with your creditors regularly until your problem is resolved

•          File a dispute- if anything unusual comes in the way.

•          Remove inaccurate negative information to make a significantly better credit score.


Our extensive knowledge and credit management skills across almost all aspects of the business have helped many companies maximize their cash flow and minimize risks. We have reliable sources to collect your credit reports quickly from the major credit reporting agencies. This gives us extra an advantage to identify and pinpoint your credit issues as fast as possible. Our outstanding services, authentic resources, innovative solutions, and reasonable rates have made us one of the leading business credit solution companies in California.




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