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The Evolution of the American Dream

For Americans born prior to 1960 the American Dream was, generally speaking, to own your own home. Those having that dream usually started by working hard and saving up a down payment. Then they would take that down payment to their local bank and secure a mortgage. Once the mortgage was secured, they worked tirelessly to payoff that mortgage and "own their own home." That hard work, dedication, and perseverance inspired the next generation to even bigger dreams.

Today, many Americans dream is to own, not only their own home, but their own business. Some have even married the two ideas and make owning homes their business. People today are risk takers. They are technologically ambitious and the financial marketplace has grown and responded to today's customer. This evolution of the American Dream has made credit and a solid financial foundation more crucial than ever before. We at E-Fix Credit are pursuing our dream and would love to help you pursue yours.

In the words of Mark Twain, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Let us help you get started in achieving your dream by helping you build the solid financial foundation that will provide you the ability to own your own home, business, and live the life you want, whatever it may be.

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