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Credit Repair Program

In as little as 6 months or less, you could be looking at a new and brighter financial future.
We break down your credit report and flag any negative sections which are either inaccurate, unverifiable or invalid. We work on your behalf to inquire about the history and legitimacy of these sections and build up an arrangement that permits to dispose of the negative items that don't hold up to scrutiny.

Notwithstanding when entries can't be effortlessly invalidated, we settle the records for pennies on the dollar and procure you a positive remark on your credit report.
Credit Restoration
Credit Building / DIY Credit Repair
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Only Pay For Results!

Our Credit Restoration program sole intention is designed to aid individuals in the process of turning their negative credit rating around.
Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA's) make countless blunders each day as a result of their slip-shod information gathering techniques, and any of those mistakes can antagonistically influence your credit.

Numerous debts and negative items exist on your credit report without a shred of evidence to legitimize these derogatory items. We employ simple, thorough methods to use strategic oversight of the FCRA, FACTA, and FDCPA to your advantage.
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Don’t Apply For a Lot of New Credit at the Same Time

Inquiries can drop your credit score by as much as 5 points a piece. If you are looking to get new credit, be sure you will qualify for the credit card or loan so you do not have unnecessary inquiries on your credit report.

Personal Credit Building

Our Credit Enhancement Program is designed to give you a financial edge. Few consumers know about the complex system of building and maintaining personal credit, but through our programs we teach our clients how it can minimize their risk and maximize their credit capabilities.

We give you the tools to save money, get credit cards, personal loans, all while you stay comfortable in the knowledge that your personal credit is completely protected. Many of the methods we use to enhance personal credit are also applicable to maintain a healthy credit rating.

We provide free resources and information that will help increase your credit scores and increase your standing with creditors.
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In as little as 6 months or less, you could be looking at a new and brighter financial future.

High debt has become an issue for many individuals and can impede with regard to maintaining a good credit rating. In some cases, it is just not realistic to reduce debts below 30% utilization due to lack of finances.

Collectively, we have developed methods to offset your Credit Utilization to reduce the Debt Utilization Ratio.

Personal Credit Information & Advice

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