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Business Credit Program

Our Business Credit Builder Program provides the tools to help you start a new business or strengthen your existing business, establish corporate credibility, obtain loans,  and business lines of credit all while you stay comfortable in the knowledge that your personal credit is completely protected.
The primary advantage of owning a Corporation or LLC is the ability to build a Corporate Credit Rating which exists separately from your Personal Credit. Business credit establishment and general statistics show that the majority of small businesses will need to borrow money at some point to generate growth. If your goal is to be a successful business owner, you’ll want to learn how to leverage capital and credit using Corporate Credit.
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Borrow in the business name rather than your own.
Maximize tax deductions, as a business entity can make deductions that individuals cannot.
Avoid personal guarantees on loans, leases, and lines of credit.
Protect your personal credit rating from being damaged by business-related debts.
Maximize your ability to write-off expenses.

Don’t Apply For a Lot of New Credit at the Same Time

Inquiries can drop your credit score by as much as 5 points a piece. If you are looking to get new credit, be sure you will qualify for the credit card or loan so you do not have unnecessary inquiries on your credit report.

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