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What is Business Credit?

This is the essential inquiry of everybody requesting information about our programs. Utilizing a simple, demonstrated technique, we will let you know how it functions and how it can offer assistance. But before that, you need to understand one fact: The more capital you have to start and grow your business, the more likely it is to succeed.

According to recent Census Bureau data, the latest credit crunch has steered more and more people away from using Personal Credit in favor of building Corporate Credit. People are beginning to realize that by owning a corporation and having Corporate Credit they could have leveraged other people’s money and prevented themselves from taking large losses.

One third of the general population has less than $5000 in their personal bank account but owe 1250% in debt for which they are fully liable. Banks say that they want to help small business owners, but they turn down an average of 97% of business loan applications. In order to receive credit for your business, you may have to use your personal assets, such as your car or home, as collateral. Even then, if you don’t have good Fico scores, you’ll likely be turned down, regardless.

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