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What's Easier to Fix? Broken Hearts or Bad Credit?

We at E-Fix Credit are financial specialists, not relationship specialists. But we know from experience that problems in interpersonal relationships often have financial consequences. Whether it be family (parent/child or siblings), friends, lovers, or spouses, entering into financial relationships should be done carefully and cautiously. Contracts are binding even if relationships fail or falter; so we encourage everyone to tread carefully. Lease agreements, bank accounts, and credit cards are some of the most common areas where this type of problem occurs.

College sweethearts move into an apartment and co-sign a lease and open a joint checking account. Perhaps they even add each other as authorized users on their credit cards. They might even get engaged and all is good. But then something happens: a job offer, an affair, or just a change of mind. So now what? Both parties are responsible for a lease; but they no longer want to live together.

Either party can legally take all of the funds from their joint account and their credit is linked for as long as the joint accounts exist. If you part like reasonable, responsible adults, amicably and fairly, then there is no problem. How many relationships end amicably and fairly? When it comes to romantic relationships, we believe that most end decidedly less than amicable.

There are suggestions that we can make to our clients both before relationships begin and after they are over to protect themselves in advance, or to recover and repair the damage afterwards. Our financial specialists will look at each situation from a non-judgmental, objective, financial view, and tailored advice that meets the clients needs. Contact us and let us help you save yourself from financial heartbreak (855) 687-3349.

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