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Why build Corporate Credit?

The primary reason to build Corporate Credit is that doing so separates the owner’s Personal Credit and Business Credit. Typically, starting a business can require a person to delve heavily into Personal Credit, which can lead to a lack of emergency funds, a plummeting Fico Score, and a steadily rising Debt/Income ratio. In that event, no lender is likely to help.

But through our programs, we build your company’s Paydex Score and establish Corporate Credit so that from day one start-up costs can be channeled through the business and leaves the owner’s funds relatively untouched, as the owner’s Personal Credit and the business’s Corporate Credit are considered separate entities.

Additionally, that separation negates the risk that lenders will require that the owner’s assets be tapped to guarantee financing. Having Corporate Credit can also save you money. Average Interest rates on loans are about 18%, but by having a Business Credit and Paydex Score, Interest rates can be reduced to about 10%.

Who can have Corporate Credit?

Corporate Credit is limited to fully incorporated companies and LLCs. All other forms of business are barred from building credit. In sole proprietorships and partnerships, while you may be “in business,” you are not “a business,” and that distinction is crucial in separating your Personal Credit from your Business Credit. If you don’t have a business entity (an LLC or Inc.), we can assist you in establishing both your business entity and your business financing.

Our programs will:

  • Assist you in incorporating
  • Establish your business’s EIN (a SSN for a business)
  • Provide your business with a Virtual Address
  • Provide your business with an 800- phone number, which can be forwarded to your existing number
  • List your phone number through our Affiliates Listing Page
  • Create your business website and give you a business domain e-mail address
  • Apply for and maintain your Dun and Brad Street Business Credit Reporting
  • Establish merchant Accounts in your name
  • Are affiliated with hundreds of lenders available to loan money to start-ups or new businesses
  • Have nominee directors
  • Guide your business through branding and marketing

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