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Anthony P

I am a contractor who has been building and remodeling homes for 25 years.  I know construction backwards and forwards; but, business is not my strong suit.  I had so many contracts to remodel people's homes; but, due to my limited credit and cash flow, could only begin work on two at a time.  Cash flow and only moderate vendor credit limits prevented me from working on a larger scale.  But, if I didn't ramp up production I would lose many of my clients.  They simply couldn't wait for me much longer.  A friend suggested I give E-Fix Credit a call.  The representatives looked at my financials, contacts for upcoming work and my work history and went to work finding me the help I needed.  After only 7 days I had access to 5 new suppliers with new credit lines totaling $105,000.  With that expanded source of supplies, I was able to expand my open jobs to 10 and was able to fulfill my open contracts.  I am working with the representatives to find even more sources of funding so that I can expand even further when the time comes.

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