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Samuel K

I had been in business for two years and had lost momentum.  I hit a plateau and was unable to increase business and advertise for new clients because I lacked the money to do so.  I tried going to banks, but kept getting turned down.  I was maxed out on my credit cards and didn't know what to do.  Luckily while searching the internet I found E-Fix Credit's website.  I contacted them and explained my problems.  Their representative explained how they could help me overcome my challenges and expand my business.  Their Business Credit Specialist helped me take the necessary steps to establish business credit separate from my personal credit.  Their Funding Specialists helped me find an investor who was willing to invest 25K for a reasonable interest rate.  I had my whole business structured wrong and had no idea.  E-Fix Credit helped me change all of that.  In just over a year, my business has grown and I am now confident that my future is secure.

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